Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rhino Lacrosse and Oregon Starz Join Forces

Portland, Oregon—April 10, 2008- Rhino Lacrosse and Oregon Starz have formed a partnership that will result in Select Teams comprised of the best lacrosse talent in the state of Oregon. Oregon Starz Select Teams will become part of Rhino Lacrosse, a company that has been providing lacrosse clinics, leagues, select teams and events in the greater Portland area for the last two and a half years. Coaches from both programs will join together, creating an elite level coaching staff to train youth and high school players.

Starz Lacrosse was founded in 2004 and currently runs clubs in Seattle, Tacoma, Northern and Southern California, Las Vegas, Arizona and Austin. Starz President Scott Hochstadt explains the Oregon Starz partnership with Rhino, "The ability to keep the best players training and competing together is the goal of Starz Lacrosse teams. With everyone working together in Oregon, this could end up being one of the most talented clubs in the West. Having coaches like Ryan Powell and Brian Silcott on the field and implementing their lacrosse systems with these kids is something that no other program in the country can match."

"There is no question that the goals of Starz and Rhino are one in the same: to grow the sport of lacrosse in Oregon, and to make sure that all of our players have the opportunity to play at the next level, whether that is a freshman making their varsity high school team, or a graduated senior earning a spot on a top college team," says Rick Sheinin, former director of Oregon Starz, who will continue to be involved in the program. His feelings are echoed by Rhino President Brian Silcott, “The quality of the teams we will be able to field is only half of the story here. By combining our strengths on and off the field, we are now able to offer everyone’s expertise to all of the athletes in this program, and the big winner will be the kids playing lacrosse.”

Rhino Lacrosse is ready to start preparing for Summer Select Tournaments and looks forward to displaying Oregon’s best lacrosse players in both in-state and out-of-state events. The unification of the programs has the future looking good for Oregon lacrosse. Rhino CEO Ryan Powell can’t help but agree, “This summer is going to ROCK at Rhino Lacrosse!”

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